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Ideal for elementary students learning about Science. Galxyz curriculum covers Physical, Life, Earth & Space Sciences.

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Blue Apprentice™ is an excellent supplement to elementary school science classes. I know when they've played because they are really excited in class.

Portrait of Emily Starky, 3rd Grade Teacher Emily Starky 3rd Grade Teacher
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Science meets story

Compelling stories can communicate ideas better than thick textbooks. Concepts learned on exciting adventures are more enduring than facts memorized in repetitive drills. That’s why Blue Apprentice immerses players in a rich, interactive world where players ask questions and find solutions to drive their intergalactic science adventure forward.

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Crafting with a Scientific Purpose

When kids craft items in Blue Apprentice, you know they’re learning. To build something in Blue Apprentice, kids atomize items to their component elements and then combine those elements together in a new way to make awesome items. Kids learn how the properties of chemical elements change and get creative about how to build things. It’s like a chemistry experiment, but no explosions.

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Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS — teaching science for a modern world

Blue Apprentice™ is the first educational game to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The NGSS is the most up to date science teaching standard currently being adopted state by state.

The focus of the NGSS is to encourage children to use science to ask questions about the world, think about the implications of the answers they discover, and communicate their conclusions to their peers. This fundamental philosophy of developing life skills through science is at the core of Blue Apprentice.

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Each World is a classroom

Players start on Serulea where they learn about Properties of Matter, the Periodic Table of Elements, Conservation of Mass and other core physical science concepts. As they progress to Eko, the curriculum shifts to Life Science with ecosystem dynamics, Cycles of Energy, and Food Webs. Each planet has it’s own curriculum building on your child’s previous adventures. Here’s the best part, every month Galxyz adds new worlds for kids to explore and learn in.

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Give your Child the future they deserve

Communication, collaboration, inquisitiveness, problem solving – these are core science skills that also lead to success in daily life. No matter what profession your child goes into, the core principles of science will help them ask the right questions, understand how to interpret information to make decisions, and work with others to implement solutions. The modern world is changing every day. Start giving your child the skills they'll need with Blue Apprentice!

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Get 1, Give 1

Galxyz believes every child deserves the opportunity to excel at science. In partnership with the New York Academy of Science, Galxyz provides scholarship subscriptions to children in need. It all starts when you purchase a subscription for your child. We provide a scholarship for each subscription purchased, One to One.

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Blue Apprentice™ is an excellent supplement to elementary school science classes. I know when they've played because they are really excited in class.

Portrait of Emily Starky, 3rd Grade Teacher Emily Starky 3rd Grade Teacher
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"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." — Albert Einstein

Storytelling has always been the most powerful form of communication—and an even more powerful learning tool. That’s why GALXYZ™ is building a rich, interactive, narrative-driven world that is designed to mesmerize players and motivate them to engage in deep learning.

Players will take on the identity of an alien child from an abandoned, icy planet, whose mission is to restore the Tome of Wondrous Notions and return curiosity and free thinking to the universe.

In order to complete their mission, players must defy the lazy King Dullard, who wants to stomp out all knowledge and curiosity, blanketing the universe in a cloud of dullness and apathy.

After the wicked king shatters the Tome of Wondrous Notions, scattering its contents across the universe, players blast off on an epic, thrilling journey to retrieve the lost curiosity particles.

By exploring breath-taking immersive worlds, building an alliance of fascinating alien friends, and solving game-based assessments, players will restore curiosity to the universe, while igniting their own passion for science and learning.

The crafting system in Blue Apprentice is entirely based on the Periodic Table of the Elements. When kids need to make steel, they do it with carbon and iron, and they can see the chemical structure of steel. Further they see how steel is used, in this case to make a hammer.

This rigorously scientific crafting system is at the core of each child’s game experience. Hundreds of items can be crafted and each item your child crafts will teach how the elements come together to build essential real world items.

Whenever a new item is needed, the crafting menu will inform the child of the elements that are needed and then they can go on a quest to collect the necessary elements. Consequently, in Blue Apprentice, collecting items is part of the core learning experience and leads into deeper and deeper understanding of scientific principles.

GALXYZ™ is breaking new ground as the first fully interactive learning experience to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

A group of scientists, Nobel-laureates, and educators at the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Achieve developed the NGSS in response to the growing need to promote science literacy and practices in the classroom.

GALXYZ™ players will explore worlds based on multiple disciplinary core ideas—from chemical reactions to structure and function.

Crosscutting concepts, such as patterns, cause-and-effect, scale, and systems, will challenge players to think critically and make connections across all science disciplines.

NGSS inquiry-based science and engineering practices will deepen gameplay by asking players to develop investigative methods used by scientists and engineers.

One of the themes that makes GALXYZ™ such a powerful educational tool is that it incorporates both digital and real world experiential learning. Our proprietary digital media and learning design fuses mobile-first interactive features with concrete do-it-yourself experiments based on NGSS scientific and engineering practices—encouraging players to:

Ask Questions (for science) and Define Problems (for engineering)

These distinct skills and learning components emphasize the investigative method used by scientists and engineers all over the world.

GALXYZ™ brings these science practices to life in an digital media and learning experience that’s never been seen before. With an innovative combination of assessments, experiments, and hands-on engineering designs, players will embark on a journey to become the next great scientific mind of their time.

Going to the same place every day can get a little old. This is why Blue Apprentice takes children to entirely different worlds to teach new science concepts. These worlds can be planets, moon, space stations, asteroid belts, or any celestial body found in athe real Galaxy.

GALXYZ™ will regularly add new worlds for your child to explore. Each new world represents a new curriculum of science topics for your child to learn. For example, on the planet Curio, your children will learn about energy storage, including solar power, hydropower, and wind power.

These worlds don’t have to be one time stops either. As your child learns more and more science concepts, they will unlock new content on planets they have already visited. This allows them to combine the new knowledge they ‘ve gained with some of the older topics that they have mastered and truly get creative about science!

Think about the jobs of the future. The jobs that will give your child a lifetime of career stability and financial security. Year after year, professionals working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields are in constant demand. This demand will only increase as technology changes faster and faster

Igniting a child’s fascination for science can start even in the earliest grades of elementary school. A child who naturally takes interest in asking questions about the world will find it easier to tough out high school and college science courses.

GALXYZ™ leverages the latest in narrative and mobile game design to create an interest-driven science adventure . GALXYZ™ guides and motivates students through certified, course-equivalent Next Generation Science Standards content, tracking their progress using sophisticated analytics.

Within a sci-fi narrative wrapper, players liberate the galaxies from the shadow of the wicked King Dullard, completing immersive interactive learning challenges and game-based assessments.

As players complete levels, they earn various kinds of cool rewards, play minigames, and encounter characters, new storylines, and surprises along the way—all geared towards inspiring a child’s love of science by discovering it’s secrets in a AAA video game.

The New York Academy of Science is one of the most prestigious scientific societies in the world with over 20,000+ members in 100 countries. NYAS members are research scientists at universities and industry, as well as representatives of business, government, and policy organizations. The Board of Governors and President's Council include 27 Nobel laureates and other prominent leaders of academia and industry, based in New York and around the world.

GALXYZ™ partnership with NYAS has allowed Blue Apprentice to be beta tested with over 10,000 school children. Now with the Give 1/Get 1 program, every paid Blue Apprentice subscription results in a free subscription given to a student in need through the NYAS.

Your purchase of a Blue Apprentice subscription not only helps you own child get ahead in science, but it can inspire a love of science for a child in an underserved school. Start your child on Blue Apprentice today!

Our mission is to ignite fascination for science and unlock the true potential in every child. We started designing Galxyz for our kids and thought it would be great to share with the world. Galxyz gets kids into science! It is an exciting quest to save curiosity from the evil King Dullard.

Galxyz helps your child master their elementary science concepts to make them feel more confident in class and understand the world around them. Additionally, engaging in science develops scientific reasoning that helps kids approach things differently and think logically -- a gift that will remain with them for life in addition to the creativity and curiosity they are born with! They will talk about things around them with more confidence and insight.

With Galxyz, parents don’t even have to worry about what to teach next, we sequence all elementary content in the right order. We’ve based the content on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) released by the US Govt, as well as a deep partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences.

In the first particle kids starts learning about Science Practices, then go on to Properties of Matter; Chemical Reactions; Interdependencies in Ecosystems, and beyond. There will be another 100+ particles, released one by one. You can create up to three different users (but only pay once), so everyone gets to play at their own pace!